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David dead sea resort & spa

David dead sea resort & spa

Address: North Shore, P.O.Box 2120,

Number of rooms: 606

David dead sea resort & spa is among the most luxurious and exclusive of the Dead Sea hotels. It is characterzed as a spa and conference hotel that integrates a unique atmosphere of tranquility and entertainment. The hotel has an extraordinary spa with
treatment rooms, sulfur pool, gym,
and saunas. Our guests will also enjoy
The Bazar Dining Room, restaurants,
pools, recreational facilities, and large
convention halls.
The hotel atmosphere has a relaxing
ambiance: A performing artist in the
lobby followed by night club style music
and a main show in the ballroom.
The pool area has a relaxing and calm
atmosphere. Activities for children
will be held in the Children's Club
and special activities for teenagers
on the weekends.