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Tzuba Hotel

Tzuba Hotel

Address: Kibbutz Tzuba

Number of rooms: 64

Tourism in Kibbutz Tzuba

Kibbutz Tzuba Suite Hotel has outstanding accommodation in 64 spacious suites each provided with a private patio overlooking the vineyards and the surrounding Judean Hills. Leisure time may be enjoyed on tennis courts, a swimming pool (in season), and hikes to the vicinity. Your stay includes meals, the use of a fully equipped state of the arts lecture hall and conference center, and a beautiful reception area with a coffee shop where small meals or snacks are available.

Additional guided tours may be arranged to further enhance the day, with an unforgettable visit to the Crusader Belmont Castle, the underground springs of Ein Tzuba, and the First Temple Period burial caves of Bamat ha-sela and the new archeological attraction The Cave of John the Baptist.